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First being drawn to yoga as a form of physical exercise in 2011, Kat quickly fell in love with the practice and how it transformed her life physically and emotionally through self healing.  With over 700 hours of training in the last 5 years, she combines a wealth of knowledge and experience in her practice and aims to ultimately help you do the same. Kat believes in the healing practice of yogic movement for all and will empower you to reach your goals by bringing out your strength in playful and upbeat, while also intentional classes. She aims to help students of all levels challenge and deepen their own practice while focusing on balancing the body, mind and spirit both on and off the mat. 


After leaving her corporate sales job, Kat founded Be Well Events in 2017 with the aim of drawing the community together with transformative events for healthier social gatherings. When she's not planning wellness events you'll find her teaching retreats, and festivals all over the world.


Instagram: @katcynewski

Upcoming Retreats

April 4 - 11, 2020 - Root To Rise Bali

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