Adzenture Retreats, Yoga Retreats

Azma and Daniela met for the first time on a girls trip in Mexico. Shortly after, they both left the corporate world and the city hustle and bustle of Toronto in order to experience life abroad. Daniela moved to Australia, and Azma moved to her childhood home of Sri Lanka. During their time away, their shared passion for travel and yoga blossomed. A few years later, they returned home to Canada with a new outlook on life and similar life goals. With a retreat business in mind, they travelled to Sri Lanka for inspiration and as a result, Adzenture Retreats was born. While Sri Lanka remains a specialty destination, they continue to add retreats to their favorite locations around the world. 




Azma has always been passionate about people - this led her to her education and career in the hospitality and travel industry in which she’s gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in hotel sales, conferences, events and revenue management. She has worked for industry leaders such as Starwood Hotels and Expedia and even had the opportunity to relocate to her childhood home of Sri Lanka to assist in starting up Expedia’s office. 


Azma started her yoga journey in university while looking to stay fit and found that the practice brought her the peace and calm she needed to deal with the stresses and anxieties of student life. More than 10 years later, yoga continues to help her practice being present, more mindful and lead with love in her daily life. 


She’s always dreamed of having her own business and wanted to bring this dream into reality. After returning home to Canada, she knew it was time to start a business surrounding her passions: people, yoga and travel. 

Favourite Travel Moment: "The Libra in me can never decide! It would be a tie between climbing Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka, watching the sky glow in iridescent colours as the sun started to rise above the mountains, along with catching two shooting stars while stargazing at the most clearest sight of the milky way in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua."


Daniela has been dreaming of owning her own yoga studio since she completed her first yoga class over a decade ago. In 2012, after 7 years working for a major Canadian bank and quickly climbing the corporate ladder, she quit her job, bought a plane ticket, and began the travels that would shape her now life. After travelling Asia and Europe, she eventually found herself in sunny Sydney, Australia where she spent 3 years exploring the land down under and working in Digital Marketing. Having completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Hawaii in 2016, she returned to Toronto in order to kickstart Adzenture Retreats together with Azma (an idea that came to her in a meditation during her teacher training - something they still laugh about to this day). 

"Yoga Teacher Training not only changed my personal practice, but it validated even more how passionate I am about it and how eager I am to help guide others into and through their yoga journey. Yoga is about recognizing and nourishing the light that resides within; it seeps into your bones, your heart, and your soul and over time changes your outlook on life."

Favourite Travel Moment:  "Fresh off my yoga teacher training on Hawaii’s Big Island, feeling more open and spiritually awakened than ever, I rented a car and spent 3 days driving around the entire island alone. There is a peak to the NW side of the island that very quickly moves from rainforest to desert with a very high altitude before descending down into some of the most beautiful beaches (including a green sand beach), right before heading back into an active volcano and back around to the rainforest. My mind was just blown, and Hawaii forever stole a piece of my heart."